Security of Supply

DFE Vandernat 5637

People's health and wellness depends on our customers’ products – from tablets to pills, from vaccinations to inhalers to supplements. As excipients are the unsung heroes of pharmaceuticals, our customers are dependent of receiving our excipients in time.

Valued as a true excipient partner, we are uniquely positioned in our ability to deliver best-in-class excipients across the various dosage forms - including oral solid dose, inhalation or parenteral application – as we offer a comprehensive excipient portfolio . Customers trust us for our long history of providing reliable security of supply – even during the pandemic. The geographical spread of our plants enable us to guarantee security of supply. We offer Dual Sourcing, which means our customers can always rely on the delivery of our products from one of our sites.

Our manufacturing sites are critical to move to a healthier world. Thanks to our operations, which run 24/7, 365 days a year, we are able to consistently supply medicine makers globally. We are keen to improve our business every day, as we are always striving to ensure security of supply to our pharma- and nutraceutical customers.

DFE Pharma is continuously looking for ways to support you and your business, also amidst challenges. Contact us to further discuss.