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We believe that it is through publications that research - including its scientific and practical contributions - is circulated to others. This supports other researchers in our field to become  aware of new data, while it helps to advance knowledge and its applications across the industry.

Our DFE Pharma experts regularly publish scientific articles in our field, to advance innovation and spread knowledge. They also frequently act as speakers at scientific (industry) events.

Please find our latest articles listed below:


Water activity and moisture: the complexity and interrelationships explained
Journal: Tablets & Capsules (2020)
Authors: P.H.M. Janssen, R.J. Blezard, B.H.J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma)

Chapter 5 - Application of lactose in the pharmaceutical industry
Book: Lactose: Evolutionary Role, Health Effects and Applications (2019)
Authors: Gerald A. Hebbink, Bastiaan H.J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma)

The flowability of lactose powders to optimize tableting processes
Journal: On drug Delivery (2020)
Authors: Aurélien Neveu, Geoffrey Lumay (GranuTools), Pauline Janssen (DFE Pharma)

Impact of Powder Properties on the Rheological Behavior of Excipients
Journal: Pharmaceutics MDPI (2021)
Authors: Pauline H. M. Janssen, Bastiaan H. J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma), Sébastien Depaifve, Aurélien Neveu, Filip Francqui (GranuTools)

The effect of excipient particle size on the reduction of compactibility after roller compaction
Journal: International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X (2022)
Authors: Pauline H. M. Janssen, Maarten Jaspers, Timo P. Roelofs, Bastiaan H. J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma), Robin Meier (Bohle)

The impact of lactose type on disintegration: an integral study on porosity and polymorphism
Journal: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (2022)
Authors: Pauline H. M. Janssen, Alberto Berardi, Bastiaan H. J. Dickhoff,  Jurjen H. Kok (DFE Pharma), Anthony W. Thornton (Micromeritics)

Specifications and data

Smart Specification Setting for Dry Powder Inhalation Carriers. 
Journal: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2023)
Authors: Pauline van der Wijst - Janssen, Marly Bastiaansen, Lisa Buijvoets (DFE Pharma), Dr. Henderik Willem Frijlink (University of Groningen)

Technical insight into potential functional-related characteristics (FRCs) of sodium starch glycolate, croscarmellose sodium and crospovidone.
Journal: Drug Delivery Science and Technology (2022)
Authors: Alberto Berardi, Pauline Janssen, Bastiaan H.J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma)

Science and risk-based specification setting for excipients
Journal: European Pharmaceutical Review (2020)
Authors: B.H.J. Dickhoff, Sunil Kumar Nataraj (DFE Pharma), Kalyan Janjanam (Epic Pharma)

Eye on Excipients: Using multivariate analysis to de-risk the use of excipients
Journal: Tablets & Capsules (2021)
Authors: P.H.M. Janssen, B.H.J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma)

Quality by design: Using multivariate analysis of batch-to-batch excipient variation to reduce risk
Journal: Tablets & Capsules (2019)
Authors: B.H.J. Dickhoff, T. Schigt, H.L. Blaauw, A.W. van Gessel (DFE Pharma)

Continuous manufacturing

Understanding and Accounting for Excipient Variability in Continuous Tablet Manufacturing (CM)
Link: PDF Whitepaper DFE_CM.pdf (2021)
Author: Mara van Haandel (DFE Pharma)

Impact of excipients on batch and continuous powder blending
Journal: Powder Technology (2021)
Authors: Maarten Jaspers, Myrthe T.W. de Wit, Sri Sharath Kulkarni, Pauline H.M. Janssen, Mara M.W. van Haandel, Bastiaan H.J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma), Bernhard Meir (Gericke) 

Batch versus continuous blending of binary and ternary pharmaceutical powder mixtures
Journal: International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2022)
Authors: Maarten Jaspers, Sri Sharath Kulkarni, Timo P. Roelofs, Myrthe T.W. de Wit, Pauline H.M. Janssen, Bastiaan H.J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma), Florian Tegel, Ralf Weinekötter (Gericke)


Inhalation powder: The result of the magic triangle of excipients, blending and filling processes
Journal: Techno Pharm (2021)
Authors: Dr. Olukayode I. Imolle (Hosokawa Micron), Mohit Mehta and Harry Peters (DFE Pharma), Marc Zerrer and Dr. Elke Sternberger-Rützel (Harro Höfliger)


Bringing a whole new dimension to lactose
Authors: Korinde A. van den Heuvel-Jansen, Cas J. Wiebinga (DFE Pharma)

Evaluation of lactose-based 3D powder bed printed pharmaceutical drug product tablets
Journal: Powder Technology (2021)
Authors: Korinde A. van den Heuvel-Jansen, Myrthe T.W. de Wit, Bastiaan H.J. Dickhoff (DFE Pharma)


The importance of disaccharide excipients in biologics
Journal: European Pharmaceutical Review (2021)
Authors: B.H.J. Dickhoff, Sunil Kumar Nataraj (DFE Pharma), Thontesh GC (Apotex Pharmaceuticals)