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At DFE Pharma, we are driven by our purpose “Your medicines, our solutions. Moving together to a healthier world” every day and everywhere. We strive to bring value for all our stakeholders: providing premium quality excipients and services to our customers and their patients; supporting the communities we live and work in; creating a great place to work for our employees; and caring for the environment through a sustainable business performance. To achieve this purpose, at DFE Pharma we follow our values in everything we do:

We work with the customer in mind

At DFE Pharma, we always work with the needs of our customers in mind, no matter our position within the organization. We believe in establishing close relationships, meeting customers’ needs, and even anticipating them. That is why we are continuously searching for innovations and investing in enhancing our services. We aim to be not only suppliers, but real partners for our customers, from research and development to production and delivery. We believe that working together and sharing our expertise can help our customers achieve their goals, which are also ours: providing patients with the best products for their unmet health needs.

We understand the product and its usage

We are proud of the expertise we have in our excipients and solutions, the technologies that support them and the latest trends and innovations to develop new products and services. With our knowledge in drug delivery, we support global pharma companies, next generation biopharma innovators and the nutraceutical health industry. Whether a tablet, capsule, inhaler, biologic solution, or other type of dosages, we understand what formulations will work best for our customers’ customer - patients worldwide - through our century-long experience of customized innovation and high quality, multifunctional ingredient solutions.

Quality is in our blood

Patients and users of nutraceutical products deserve nothing but the best quality medicines and products. Quality is inherent to DFE Pharma, and we are aware of the key role our excipients play to provide our customers with premium solutions. We strive, in everything we do, to do it right the first time, which ensures offering high purity excipients and excellent services to our customers. For us, quality also implies to be reliable when it comes to supply: we always deliver the best excipients on time and in full, to contribute to society living in a healthier world.

We feel at home, feel stimulated and inspired

Caring about our customers, products and quality starts with caring about our colleagues and ourselves. We created a culture in which people trust one another, are open to giving and receiving feedback, where ideas are generated at all levels, and we stimulate people to also realize them. We value and encourage the wide diversity of our teams from all over the world and we work together to make a positive impact in the communities we work and live in, as well as to protect the environment through sustainable approaches in our activities.