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DFE Pharma
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DFE Pharma is a global leader in pharma- and nutraceutical excipient solutions. Our excipients play an essential role as fillers, binders, disintegrants, and in stabilizing active ingredients for release in a predictable and effective manner into the patient’s system.

With more than a century of experience and around 450 people worldwide, we are serving over 5,000 customers in 100+ countries worldwide. Headquartered in Goch, Germany, we are committed to supporting (bio)pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in their journey to improve patients’ lives, driven by our purpose your medicines, our solutions. Moving to a healthier world.

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    Our Journey 

    The roots of DFE Pharma date back to more than 100 years ago, when two dairy producers, in both the Netherlands and New Zealand, gradually transformed into modern producers of lactose excipients and joined to become the world’s leading excipient manufacturer.

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    What are excipients?  

    Excipients (or inactive ingredients) are ingredients used to transform active compounds into dosage forms suitable for administration. All pharmaceutical or nutritional products – whether they are tablets, capsules, liquids, vaccines or other – contain excipients

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    Our purpose

    At DFE Pharma, we are driven by our purpose “Your medicines, our solutions. Moving together to a healthier world” every day and everywhere.

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    Our commitment

    Our holistic view on sustainability encompasses balancing three main pillars: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

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    Our portfolio

    DFE Pharma is a global leader in pharma- and nutraceutical excipient solutions. We strive to develop, produce and supply the highest quality functional excipients for use in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries

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    Our people

    We promote a culture that inspires and challenges our team of over 450 highly motivated people. People, that come from all over the world, as we have 35 different nationalities working at DFE Pharma

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