Oral Solid Dose (OSD)

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Oral drug delivery is the most convenient, high patient compliant, cost effective, and safe route of administration to treat various diseases. Oral solid dosage (OSD) form refers to a final drug product that is ingested through the mouth, dissolved in the digestive system, and delivered to the body through absorption into the bloodstream. The most common OSD forms - tablets and capsules - are efficient and cost-effective to manufacture, shelf stable and easy to administer. They are widely understood and embraced by patients worldwide. They are preferred by pharmaceutical manufacturers owing to the advantage of economy of scale.

Apart from the standard immediate release or sustained release tablets, there are a significant number of oral dosage forms that ensure delivery of active ingredients in the most convenient manner, such as orally disintegrating tablets, timed release capsules etc. in various shapes, sizes, and flavours. The range and variety of available solid dose options makes it possible to respond rapidly and creatively to changing user preferences and market needs as well as the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) properties such as release efficiency, pH-sensitivity, API taste, etc.

The Role of Excipients

Both the efficiency of production and effectiveness of drug delivery depend on the excipients used with the active ingredients. Not only should the blend of active ingredients and excipients deliver the treatment exactly as planned and predicted, but it should also compress into the right shape and size, forming tablets and capsules that are fit for purpose and can be produced efficiently. Excipients are added in drug formulations also to improve their taste and appearance.

OSD Portfolio by DFE Pharma

At DFE Pharma, we offer a comprehensive range of highly consistent excipients for OSD formulations, including a full range of lactose - milled monohydrate, milled anhydrous, micronized, sieved, anhydrous, spray dried, and granulated - and a wide cellulosics and starches portfolio comprising of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), croscarmellose sodium, sodium starch glycolate, starches and multifunctional co-processed excipients.

With more than 100 years of expertise, we have a long-term commitment and understanding of our customers’ needs and those of the millions of consumers who use our products every day. Our customers respect us for our product quality, technical and regulatory expertise, and hands-on market support.

Technical options

Various techniques are used to form an effective compression mix that will provide the required performance in terms of tablet hardness, dissolution time, stability, and release of active ingredients, etc., post processing. Each of the available techniques has advantages and disadvantages related to the number of processes, characteristics and dosage of active ingredients, cost of materials, speed and, above all, the desired performance characteristics. To make valid comparisons and ensure best possible decision-making, several factors must be taken into consideration. These include drug properties, drug availability, formulator preference and cost.

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