DFE Pharma's 2022 ESG Report

Our commitment to ESG Goch,

In 2022 we made further steps in strengthening the foundation of our ESG program. These are outlined in our 2022 report, where we validated our baseline environmental performance, established long-term targets and redefined the reporting and disclosure approach. 
Highlights from our 2022 ESG Report: 
- Set ambitious environmental targets to reduce our impact on the environment
- Improved social programs to maximize our positive contribution to society
- Continued to do business in an ethical way, according to our Compass Principles
- Drove a culture of integrity in an open and transparent environment 
As we would like to contribute to the Pharmaceutical industry's transition to more socially and environmentally sustainable business models, our aim is to ensure collaboration through the whole value chain toward better performance on environment, social and governance. 
Our ESG efforts are driven by our purpose: Your medicines, our solutions. Moving together to a healthier world.

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