BioHale® Trehalose Dihydrate (Inhalation)


Product information

With BioHale® Trehalose Dihydrate we offer the highest purity non-reducing sugars for the use in inhalation applications. 

Multiple technologies for nasal and pulmonary drug delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients exist. For the design of carrier-free formulations, spray drying has emerged as the preferred technology. Spray drying can be used to modify the particle surface, shape and density. An advantage of spray drying is that excipients, like the Biohale® grades, can be incorporated to modify aerosolization and flow properties, as well as to modify the drug release.

Product types
Inhalable non-reducing sugars
Excipient functionality
Dosage forms

Typical product data

Tg (°C)

Tg (°C)


  • Absence of Melamine Pharmacel, SuperStarch, Disintegrants
  • Absence Statement Flavors, Coloring, Sweeteners, Preservatives and Glycols
  • BSE statement BioHale (Sucrose, Trehalose)
  • Collective statement Sucrose (allergens, latex etc)
  • Compliance packaging
  • Contaminants Sucrose
  • COS Sucrose
  • Country of origin Sucrose
  • FDA UNI numbers
  • Genotoxic impurities statement
  • GMO statement Sucrose
  • ICHQ3D elemental impurities
  • Ingredient declaration Sucrose
  • IPEC questionnaire on Nitrosamines
  • Nano materials
  • No US DMF requirement
  • No use of PFC, DEHP, DINP and BPA
  • None dangerous substance
  • Stability statement BioHale Sucrose
  • Residual Solvents Statement BioHale Sucrose
  • Safety Information Sucrose
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