BioHale® Sucrose

High purity, low endotoxin sucrose 

220113 SEM Sucrose (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)

Product information

With BioHale® Sucrose we offer the highest purity excipient for the stabilization of biologics to be used in biopharmaceutical formulation. BioHale® Sucrose is a non-reducing crystalline disaccharide made up of one glucose and one fructose molecule joined via a glycosidic linkage.

Commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a stabilizer, Sucrose can be also widely used as a cryopreservative and media supplement in a variety of cell-based bioprocesses.  

Excipient functionality
Recommended process
Dosage forms

Typical product data


Plant, isolated from sugar beet

CAS number

CAS number

Compliance with monographs

Compliance with monographs
Ph. Eur., USP-NF, JP, ChP

Endotoxin level (EU/g)

Endotoxin level (EU/g)
≤ 0.25

Tg (°C)

Tg (°C)


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  • Absence of Melamine Pharmacel, SuperStarch, Disintegrants
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