Working at DFE Pharma

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Working at DFE Pharma is totally linked to our purpose: Your medicines, our solutions. Moving to a healthier world.

We strive to help people of all over the world to enjoy healthier lives through the medicines and nutraceutical products that contain our excipients. Our employees say they take great pride in contributing to a healthier world by delivering products and expertise of the highest quality to our customers in a professional manner.

We asked our employees what they value most about DFE Pharma: They appreciate the open culture as well as the flexibility at work. People have autonomy and flexibility to organize their work in a way to manage the demands and priorities of their professional and personal lives.

In addition, the international environment and unique collaborative spirit make DFE Pharma a great place to work. We are driven by our global mindset with offices and plants all across the world. We are proud to be a multicultural company with more than 35 nationalities, where everyone can show their true selves.

Our employees, as well as our customers, value our work ethic. Safety is paramount in everything we do. We firmly believe that nothing is worth an accident.

Every day, we work on becoming a better version of ourselves, and with the help of feedback from our employees, we are continuously moving forward to this common goal.

Julia Lange, Internal Communications Specialist at DFE Pharma, shares her impressions about working in a global, multicultural company. 


We care

We Care about the wellbeing of our employees, the societies we live in, and the planet. We strive to make a positive impact in everything that we do. Learn more about our team and their experience:

  • Klaus Herbold

    Olaf Stormer, Operator. Germany

    "The work we do has a real impact in the world. When I take a medicine, I think about the lactose in the tablet and wonder if it is the one we produce. Also, the company offers real growth opportunities"

  • Davina Tang

    Davina Tang, Customer Management Officer. Singapore

    "Our diverse and global environment allow us to draw on an incredible broad spectrum of experiences and strengths. Good interactions and support across teams, territories and continents that allows a deeper reach into the world. We can readily support request across different countries given our global networks. When our customers are satisfied with our services it makes me happy as well"

  • KC Willemse

    KC Willemse, Quality Control Manager. The Netherlands.

    "DFE Pharma accepts for who we are, while making my team and myself strive to the best"

  • Olaf Stormer

    Klaus Herbold, Deputy Shift Leader. Germany

    "I joined DFE Pharma 14 years ago, following advice from another employee. I specially enjoy the teamwork and the promotion opportunities available"