In the dynamic and growing market for nutraceuticals, quality-excellence, cost- effectiveness and time-to-market are key drivers. We support your ambitions by providing a unique global portfolio of high-end excipients and related services. Whatever oral solid dosage form you are looking for, we have the matching excipients to make your formulations work. Furthermore, you can depend on the full support of our technical and regulatory experts. Contact DFE Pharma for the excipients and the support you need.


Choose from our full product range

With the rapidly growing demand for safe and effective nutraceuticals, it is important that you can pick the right excipients you need for your formulations. DFE Pharma is the only excipient manufacturer carrying a full-range product portfolio of natural source fillers, binders and disintegrants.

Pick the right excipient

Together we can quickly find the right excipient that suits your purpose, whether it being tablets, capsules or sachets, and generate the best solutions to accelerate your product development.

Quality you can count on

The quality of your oral solid dosage forms can set your nutraceutical products apart from the competition. At DFE Pharma, we have a continuous drive to help you develop more robust formulations and processes based upon our vast knowledge and expertise. This is fuelled by our awareness of the impact of variations in excipients physicalchemical and functional properties on the performance of the end product.

Consistency is key

With our state-of-the-art production processes, we can help to take the risk out of your final dosage forms by providing you with consistent and reproducible functional excipients.

We help you speed up

Time-to-market is of key importance and we are here to assist you in finding the best formulations for your products in the shortest possible time. Our easy-to-use online tools and our comprehensive range of excipients combined with our extensive experience with their formulating behaviour in e.g. tablets, capsules, powders and granules, provides the key to effective and efficient development of your final dosage forms.

Regulatory support

Additionally, you can rely on the full support of our regulatory experts in navigating the continuously changing regulatory space. Additional grades are available to meet your specific needs.