Mar 23,2020

Bringing a whole new dimension to lactose

Are you ready for the future? 3D Powder bed printing enables to transform the pharmaceutical industry for the better. However only limited expertise on excipient usage in powder bed printing is available. We at DFE pharma also experienced these starting up problems and we are therefore happy to share the first findings of the use of lactose in powder bed printing in our 15 pages whitepaper. Let this be a start of sharing and generating knowledge on powder bed printing together.

3D printing; why bother?
From clinical trial preparations and orphan drugs to personalized medicine and polypills; 3D printing gives endless possibilities. In this way not only solving the short coming of traditional medicine, but also shorten the development time and give patent opportunities.

Why powder bed printing
Powder bed printing enables you to formulate sensitive API’s without exposing them to heat or excessive moisture. It also creates IR formulations with fast and complete API release. Additionally, the only FDA approved 3D printed drug Spritam is produced by powder bed printing.

Were we are: excipients
Selecting the proper formulation for a 3D printing formulation is challenging as literature and the excipient handbook only provides limited answers.  The academic world has started to generate literature on FDM, however the amount of information on the application of excipients in powder bed remains limited. Working with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), DFE Pharma tested 20 lactose grades with the primary objective of developing a lactose with sufficient flow, wetting and binding to be used effectively in the powder bed 3D printing of pharmaceuticals.

How to collaborate
We continue to investigate material properties of lactose in 3D printing, in order to give you a quick start in 3D powder bed printing. Request your free 15-page whitepaper to learn about lactose’s new dimension, the power of collaboration and the future of 3D printing in pharma at So are you ready?

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