Typical product data

Tapped density: 730 g/l
Bulk density: 640 g/l

Product specifications

Particle size, D10: 55μm
Particle size, D50: 130μm
Particle size, D90: 220μm
Hausner ratio: 1.2
Production site: Borculo, The Netherlands
Sample size: Default 500g


Capacity: 25kg
Composition: Multi-layer PE
Shelf life: 18 months re-test

SuperTab® 50 ODT

SuperTab®  50  ODT  provides  the  ideal  solution  for  orally  dispersible  nutraceutical  formulations  that helps you to deliver supplements to consumers of all age groups, especially pediatrics and geriatrics in  a  dosage  form  that  is  convenient  for  consumption.  SuperTab®  50  ODT  is  a  highly  consistent, monohydrate lactose that is inert, stable, soluble and palatable. It has a mildly sweet taste as it is a disaccharide  excipient.  Additionally,  modification  by  spray  drying  offers  porosity  which  provides  a good mouthfeel. Due to its porous nature, fast disintegration time can be achieved.

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