Taking all measures to guarantee the supply of our products during COVID-19 pandemic

DFE Vandernat 5637

Goch, Germany (16th April 2020) - We like to inform you regularly in these challenging times to assure you that we will take all measures to support you and to guarantee the supply of our products to your company. Via this update we would like to inform you on the recent developments we see, and how DFE Pharma is working to mitigate the side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With regard to the business impact, we would like to share the following market developments seen by us and our status:

Production (UPDATED):

  • The latest developments are that a number of countries/regions in the world are extending the COVID-19 counter measures up to mid May. Irrespective all current counter measures taken by different governments in the world, DFE Pharma has mitigated the production risks effectively. Meaning that DFE Pharma continues to guarantee its continuity of supply from its production sites in The Netherlands (5), Germany (1), India (2), and New Zealand (2).
  • Further to guarantee our high service levels in these demanding times, we like to ask you to share your forecasts with us and send in your orders as early as possible.
  • DFE Pharma will monitor all COVID-19 developments/counter measures closely, act adequately to overcome any potential disruption in its production and will inform you in a timely manner.

Supply (UPDATED):

  • As presented to you in earlier update, DFE Pharma has taken all possible actions to cope with the reduced capacity of containers and shipping lines effectively. These actions have paid off, currently we encounter only very limited issues with availability of containers and shipping lines, i.e. DFE Pharma can transport your ordered products on time in full and maintains its high levels of supply security. 
  • Unfortunately we notice that shipping companies and container terminal companies are charging higher prices than contracted due to the effects of COVID-19 on the global transport industry. This could mean that we need to forward these higher transport costs to our customers.
  • For your information and security. DFE Pharma runs a global network of own warehouses, e.g. in The Netherlands, Germany, USA, India and Japan; and a broad global distributor network, with multiple warehouses from which you can be supplied with DFE Pharma products.

Above measures will allow us to act flexibly within our own supply chain to ensure your delivery. 

Overall we would like to assure you, that DFE Pharma is there to support you in the best way possible to safeguard your business continuity. We will keep you updated.

If you have any question or remark, please, do not hesitate to contact us; we are here to help you in these challenging times!