SuperTab® 50 ODT

Fast dissolving

Pleasant mouthfeel

Robust tablet hardness

Oral Solid Dose
Supertab 11SD

Product information

SuperTab® 50 ODT is a new product within DFE Pharma’s portfolio. It provides a solution for orodispersible formulations, helping to deliver medication to pediatrics and geriatric patients, or to those who suffer from Dysphagia.

SuperTab® 50 ODT is a highly consistent, monohydrate lactose. Due to the porous nature, fast disintegration time can be established. These attributes of SuperTab® 50 ODT, in combination with a superdisintegrant, offer rapid disintegration in the mouth. Therefore SuperTab® 50 ODT is found to be the ideal solution for oral disintegrating tablets (ODT) where fast disintegration and good mouth feel is of key importance.

Product types
Spray-dried lactose
Excipient functionality
Filler-binder, Binder, Diluent
Recommended process
Direct compression
Dosage forms
Tablet, Orally disintegrating tablet

Typical product data

Particle size distribution (μm)


Bulk density (g/L)

Bulk density (g/L)

Hausner ratio (-)

Hausner ratio (-)


  • ALBA Pharmaceutical lactose
  • Oral Solid Dose Brochure View
  • GMO Statement lactose
  • GMP+ DMV - Fonterra Excipients B.V. Borculo
  • Halal DFE Pharma B.V. Borculo
  • ICHQ3D Elemental Impurities Lactose EU and NZ
  • Ingredient declaration lactose
  • MSDS Anhydrous lactose
  • MSDS Lactose monohydrate