SuperTab® 24AN

Anhydrous lactose grade

Optimal combination of powder flow compaction

High dilution potential

Oral Solid Dose
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Product information

SuperTab® 24AN is truly a unique product as a highly compactable, agglomerated anhydrous lactose. It combines the benefits of granulated and anhydrous lactose: excellent flow, quick disintegration time, superior compaction, minimum water content, low hygroscopicity and low lubricant sensitivity.

These properties makes SuperTab® 24AN the ideal choice for many DC tablet applications, including low dose formulations and moisture sensitive drugs. 

Product types
Anhydrous lactose
Excipient functionality
Filler-binder, Diluent, Binder
Recommended process
Direct compression, Continuous processing
Dosage forms
Tablet, Capsule (Oral Solid Dose)


  • ALBA Pharmaceutical lactose
  • Oral Solid Dose Brochure View
  • GMO Statement lactose
  • GMP+ DMV-Fonterra Excipients Nörten-Hardenberg
  • Halal DFE Pharma B.V. Borculo
  • ICHQ3D Elemental Impurities Lactose EU and NZ
  • Ingredient declaration lactose
  • MSDS Anhydrous lactose
  • MSDS Lactose monohydrate