Pharmatose® 350M NZ

Highly consistent monohydrate lactose

Confer good compaction properties

Offerings from multiple production sites

Oral Solid Dose
Pharmatose 350

Product information

Pharmatose® and Lactochem® are DFE Pharma’s brand names for pure white and highly consistent crystalline, milled lactose monohydrate grades.

Lactose is mechanically milled to varying degrees of particle sizes allowing pharmaceutical companies to choose the grade best fitting their formulation needs. Due to its fine nature and relatively high surface area, milled lactose compacts well. This lactose type is typically used in tablets, capsules and extrusion spheronisation.

Product types
Milled lactose
Excipient functionality
Filler-binder, Diluent, Binder
Recommended process
Dry blending, Extrusion spheronization
Dosage forms
Tablet, Capsule (Oral Solid Dose)

Typical product data

Particle size distribution (μm)


Bulk density (g/L)

Bulk density (g/L)

Hausner ratio (-)

Hausner ratio (-)


  • ALBA Pharmaceutical lactose
  • Oral Solid Dose Brochure View
  • Contaminants Pharmatose, Respitose and SuperTab (EU)
  • FSSC 22000 Fonterra Kapuni
  • GMO Statement lactose
  • Halal NZIDT Fonterra Kapuni NZ
  • Halal NZIDT DMV Fonterra Excipients Kaponga NZ
  • Halal (MUI) DMV Fonterra Excipients Kapuni NZ
  • Halal (MUI) Fonterra Kapuni NZ
  • ISO 14001 Fonterra Limited Kapuni NZ
  • ISO 9001 DMV Fonterra Excipients Kaponga
  • ISO 9001 Fonterra Kapuni
  • ISO 9001 DFE Kaponga
  • ICHQ3D Elemental Impurities Lactose EU and NZ
  • Ingredient declaration lactose
  • Nutritional information lactose