Lactohale® 220

Fine Lactose

Milled with irregular shaped particles

Ideal to optimize flow and performance of formulation



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Product information

Lactohale® inhalation blend products refer to a selective range of products found to be ideal to create your optimal particle size distribution. The properties of inhalation grade lactose are typically chosen based on different parameters, like the required flow in the device, the required flow for the filling platform, and the required drug deposition. A comprehensive range of standard Lactohale® grades is available to cover the versatile customer needs.

DFE Pharma also supports their customers with a range of inhalation lactose blend products. The Lactohale® product range of Lactohale® 206, Lactohale® 210, Lactohale® 220, Lactohale® 230 and Lactohale® 300 is specifically of interest for formulators who are in early stage of development or for those who want to explore the design space of their formulation.

Product types
Milled lactose

Typical product data

Particle size distribution (μm)


Bulk density (g/L)

Bulk density (g/L)

Tapped density (g/L)

Tapped density (g/L)

Carr’s index (-)

Carr’s index (-)
> 25


  • ALBA Pharmaceutical lactose
  • GMO Statement lactose
  • GMP+ DMV - Fonterra Excipients B.V. Borculo
  • Halal DFE Pharma B.V. Borculo
  • ICHQ3D Elemental Impurities Inhalation Lactose - Lactohale® (EU)
  • MSDS Lactose monohydrate
  • Nutritional information lactose