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Wet granulation

This is perhaps the most popular method for tablet production because it can be applied to almost any dosage of any drug. Wet granulation of powders improves flow and compactability of the compression mix, and this is the key to its popularity.

Technical information

Wet granulation is well-understood and extremely reliable, being suitable for virtually every form of tablet and active ingredient. There is a general desire to use direct compression when possible, however, because of the potential for cost savings, efficiency gains and production speed. In order to choose the right options we recommend discussion with our technical experts, who will take you through a rapid and efficient process designed to aid your decision-making.

Process stages

Key process stages include blending the dry powder mix, wet granulation with water or another binder solution, adding any additional components, further lubrication and final compaction. Excipients used in Wet granulation typically include diluent, binder, disintegrant and lubricant, while other stabilising agents and pigments may also be included.

Excipient options

It is possible to use different core excipients in Wet granulation in order to achieve a variety of performance outcomes. These include Micro-Crystalline Cellulose (MCC), lactose and starch. To explore the role of excipients and the different options available, click on the links below. These links will take you directly to our excipients page, which contains rich information on all DFE Pharma excipients. We also recommend that you consult one of our formulation experts in order to review all potential options and make the right choices.