Production locations

DFE Pharma has production locations in Europe, India and New Zealand. All locations produce under Pharma cGMP conditions. DFE Pharma continuously invests in cGMP standards and in excipients technologies, having a culture that stimulates the understanding of and cooperation with pharmaceutical customers. We have implemented a single, uniform quality system based on ISO 9001:2015 and IPEC cGMP guidelines in all facilities. Additionally, ICH Q7 is applicable for inhalation grade lactose.


Our production locations:

Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany

Nörten-Hardenberg (NH) is located in Lower Saxony in the centre of Germany. In 1999 Campina acquired the site for the business line Nutritionals and manufactured protein hydrolysates.

In 2002 Campina decided to develop NH as dedicated site for manufacturing of Direct Compression (DC)-lactose. In 2003 NH has set up a manufacturing line for spray- and roller dried DC- Lactose. And in 2005 a new line was built for agglomerated lactose.

Foxhol, the Netherlands

Foxhol is located in the north of the Netherlands at the site of AVEBE (Potato starch cooperative). In 2003 DFE Pharma acquired the Primojel® and Primellose® business from AVEBE. Over the years DFE Pharma has implemented several improvements to guarantee product quality and ensure a reliable supply. Due to ongoing market growth in 2011 we expanded our production capacity and do have thereby a new, state-of-the-art facility. Our plant in Foxhol produces superdisintegrants for solid dose formulations.

Borculo, the Netherlands

In Borculo, pharmaceutical grade lactose (milled and sieved) is produced in the so-called main plant owned by Royal FrieslandCampina (mother company of DFE Pharma). On the same production site, the so-called Pharmaplant is located. In 2010 DFE Pharma took over this plant and the pharmaceutical business from Royal FrieslandCampina.

In Borculo, DFE Pharma produces several types of inhalation grade, spray-dried and anhydrous lactoses.

Veghel, the Netherlands

The production location at Veghel is owned by Royal FrieslandCampina (one of the mother companies of DFE Pharma). In Veghel pharmaceutical grade milled, sieved and inhalation lactose is produced for DFE Pharma.

Kapuni, New Zealand

In Kapuni (Taranaki, New Zealand) pharmaceutical grade lactose (milled, sieved, and spray-dried) is produced in the Lactose main plant owned by Fonterra. 

The inhalation lactose production plant is located on the same site. This state of the art pharmaceutical grade facility was commissioned in 2005 and is specifically designed to produce inhalation grade lactose, which is used for dry powder inhalation applications.

Cuddalore, India

In Cuddalore (India), Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) products are produced in the main plant owned and fully operated by DFE Pharma. 

DFE Pharma has successfully completed investments to bring already excellent facilities up to truly world-class standard, enabling our Indian-based MCC production to achieve Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and DFE Pharma Global Standard.