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We work with the customer in mind 

Andreas Zimmermann-Sack, ICT coordinator at DFE Pharma, has a versatile job. From implementing new software to solving an issue with a laptop or mobile phone. What does ‘having the customer in mind’ mean in his line of work? For instance, we are currently working on a project where so-called 'new workplaces' need to be introduced around the globe. Many of the DFE Pharma employees are given new laptops. “It makes me happy to help someone with a solution”

What role does 'the customer’ have in your position?

Besides the project to make new workspaces available for DFE Pharma employees, another example is making so-called 'extranet sites' available and setting them up. These SharePoint based projects and team sites are available on our network and are online accessible to clients. Perfect for a quick and effective cooperation with the client.

In addition, I have many 'internal' customers. Since new ICT projects are often organised and managed by one of our parent companies FrieslandCampina, I often switch between FrieslandCampina and the DFE Pharma locations. The challenge is to make those processes site-specific and to ensure that matters devised at a corporate level will ultimately work in the various locations.
'I've always enjoyed working in ICT; I am fascinated by the possibilities of technology.'

What do you like most about your role?

The other day, one of my colleagues lost her internet browser 'Favourites'. The help desk was unable to remotely restore the favourites. Luckily, I was able to lend a hand. My colleague was as happy as a clam. That energises me. It puts a smile on my face if my solutions can help someone. Sometimes it's the small things that have a large impact. I've always enjoyed working in ICT; I am fascinated by the possibilities of technology. I used to work in DFE Pharma's Customer Service, where I mainly dealt with external customers. And no matter how much I enjoy my current job, I do miss that sometimes.