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Every year, DFE Pharma organizes various technical seminars around the world, a perfect illustration of how ‘we understand our product and its usage’.

About the strength of DFE Pharma technical seminars

Various people within DFE Pharma are involved in the organization of the technical seminars. For over 4 years Carol D’Souza (currently in the position of Product Group Manager - Cellulosics and Starches) was responsible for Marketing Communications for DFE Pharma in India. In that role, she was involved in the organization of technical seminars and various trade shows in India:

Carol, can you briefly describe the technical seminars?

In India, we have these key ‘pharmaceutical hubs’, such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Baddi. Every year, we host several technical seminars to reach out to a lot of pharmaceutical professionals based in these regions. The seminars consist of technical presentations by our technical experts followed by networking dinners where the DFE Pharma team spends valuable time interacting with customers.

What is the strength of the technical seminars?

Ever since we started hosting these seminars, we have received great responses from customers. What they like in particular, is the fact that we add value by sharing our technical expertise, instead of hosting a solely commercial promotional event. When we started in 2013, our primary focus was on introducing our product portfolio and promoting our new ‘DFE Pharma’ brand. As of 2014, we have been determining the seminar topics more based on the market’s needs and current industry trends. These seminars also demonstrate a very efficient cross-functional working between Sales, Marketing, and Technology & Innovation groups within DFE Pharma.

What is the impact of the technical seminars?

Participation in the seminars has been increasing exponentially over the years. DFE Pharma needs no introduction anymore. Customers and prospects take us more seriously, because they consider us to be the ‘technical experts’ with excipients. This is especially important because India is one of the leading generic Pharma markets, featuring a lot of international players. By focusing on ‘understanding our product and its usage’, DFE Pharma has become a very strong brand.