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At DFE Pharma there are multiple sales offices worldwide. One of these offices is the DFE Pharma China office. At this office Technical Manager Eric Xie is working. We did perform an interview with Eric to learn more about how he is stimulated and inspired at DFE Pharma. Eric Xie: the man behind the suit.

If you did not have this job, what kind of work would you be doing?

In my role as a technical manager at DFE Pharma, I help customers understand DFE Pharma products and support them in using DFE Pharma products. I like my job a lot, so if I did not have this job, I would be playing a similar role in another company in the pharmaceutical industry.

What kind of work would you not like to do at all?

I don’t like repetitive work. I wouldn’t like to do work that is the same day after day, or work that does not challenge me enough. I like challenges and putting in effort. 

What is your most important job performance?

Setting up the association lab in China. It is our first lab outside of Europe. In that lab, we completed several projects for our customers together with the DFE Pharma Technology & Innovation department, and we also generated data, which is used to support customers locally and globally.

What is your most important job performance?

I like the challenges my job presents me with. I like the fact that I need to be able to react quickly to customers, communicating with the DFE Pharma head office, and the focus on uncovering customers’ needs to improve our service. DFE Pharma is a professional and good work environment, where people are willing to share experience and expertise. There is also plenty of attention for career development and personal growth within our company, which I like a lot.

How do you feel about the We Care programme?

DFE Pharma invests a lot in order to improve. To me, the We Care programme is an example of that, a means to improve. In the past three and a half years that I have been working for DFE Pharma, we have started to behave more like an expert. DFE Pharma cares about customers, employees, and products.

What can you tell us about the current job openings at DFE Pharma?

If you are talented and motivated, I advise you to take a look at our job openings page. We have regular job openings (and internships) for several disciplines in our worldwide offices and locations. Please do check our careers page for job openings and challenging internships or apply online.