Jun 11,2021

DFE Pharma partners with complementary leading expert companies to conduct a unique multidisciplinary research trial

DFE Pharma, together with powder processing technology manufacturer Hosokawa Micron and machine-building expert Harro Höfliger have joined forces to conduct a unique multidisciplinary study giving practical insights into lactose-based DPI formulations with and without magnesium stearate.

By testing various formulations of magnesium stearate-coated lactose in the blending and filling process, the three leading companies are gaining valuable data driven insights of their own which will enable them to offer even better advice and support to pharmaceutical customers.

Their findings will give generic players a head start in the development process so that they can tap into this rapidly growing market. Key research insights will be presented throughout the year, starting with a webinar on the 30th June.

Click here for more information or immediately register for the webinar.

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