Biopharma excipients
Apr 8,2020

DFE Pharma launches ultimate stabilization aid for biologics

A new portfolio of excipients is being launched by DFE Pharma which aids in stabilizing biologics. Samples of Trehalose and Sucrose, the first in this BioHale® range, are now available and can be ordered online.

Recent developments in the field of biologics provide unique therapy options for many of the world’s most challenging diseases. Therapeutic protein solutions play an increasingly important role in the pipelines of pharmaceutical companies. The significance of biologics has remarkably grown in past years and it is foreseen that this growth will even further continue in near future. 

To be in line with this market development and to support pharmaceutical companies in securing the supply in times of unpredicted events and risks, DFE Pharma steps into the excipient market suitable for biologics. Being a partner for pharmaceutical companies since many decades, DFE Pharma provides a wide range of functional excipients for oral solid dose, inhalation and now expanding its offer for biopharmaceutical applications.

“Several customers have recently approached DFE Pharma and asked us, if we were able to supply excipients of high purity which have the ability to stabilize biologics. With a proven history of providing consistent high quality excipients, we are expanding our portfolio to support this growing need”, states Bas van Driel, CEO of DFE Pharma. To collaborate with a reliable excipient partner is crucial to de-risk the formulation challenges as well as development timelines. “As a trusted solution provider and development partner, we are committed to support our customers in the formulation process for efficacious delivery of biologics.” 

With BioHale®, the new excipient portfolio for biologics, DFE Pharma offers the highest purity excipients to be used in formulation. The first two excipients are BioHale® Trehalose Dihydrate and BioHale® Sucrose which are currently under development. Samples of these new products are now available and can be ordered online. Commercial packaging is scheduled to be launched onto global markets in due course. Beyond this portfolio, customers benefit from the technical solutions. “We help our customers to choose the right excipients for their biological formulation”, Bas van Driel emphasizes. In addition, DFE Pharma also ensures a robust supply chain and security in supply. “Customers trust us for our long history of providing reliable security of supply. Together we contribute to people lead healthier lives by expanding our excipient excellence to biopharma.” 

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