Sep 3,2020

DFE Pharma expands its horizon into Nutraceuticals

Feeling on top form and staying healthy has always been the ultimate quest of people around the world. As consumers become ever more health savvy and aware of the interplay of health, nutrition and wellbeing, the importance of preventive measures to protect and safeguard health is driving growing demand for Nutraceutical supplements.

DFE Pharma is the global leader in high-quality ingredient solutions that make user-friendly formulations and dosage design that appeals to consumers. Whether tablet, capsule or other easy-to-take dosage, we understand through centuries of customised innovation and high quality, multifunctional ingredient solutions what formulations will best work for your customers.

We understand that your customers want to feel secure that your nutraceutical products are safe to take, of the highest quality, natural-sourced ingredients, formulated to deliver optimal performance and health benefits. From technical expertise, robust application support through the complexities of global regulations, whatever your requirement, we can be relied upon to offer you all the help and guidance you need with the full support of our experts.

Trusted and respected over centuries of ingredient formulation, we are there to partner you on your formulation path and committed to supporting you help people from all walks of life benefit from healthier living.

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