Mar 23,2020

Continuity of supply secured during COVID-19 outbreak (update 23-03-2020)

In these challenging times, as DFE Pharma, we like to inform you regularly to assure you that we will take all measures to support you and to guarantee the supply of our products to your company.

We would like to inform you on the recent developments we see, and how DFE Pharma is working to mitigate the side effects of the COVID-19.

With regard to the business impact, we would like to share the following market developments seen by us and our status:

Production (UPDATED):

The latest development (23-03-2020) is that the New Zealand government has taken necessary measures to deal with the COVID-19 spread in New Zealand, being New Zealand’s Four Level COVID-19 Alert System | level 3 : Lock Down. DFE Pharma’s continuity of excipient production in and supply from New Zealand will not be affected by these COVID-19 measures. The New Zealand government has classified the health, medical and pharmaceutical industries as essential businesses within the measures taken to prevent further COVID-19 spread. DFE Pharma is asked to continue to produce your excipients on time in full within the agreed quality parameters.
The continuity of excipient production at DFE Pharma’s other production sites in the Netherlands (5), Germany (1) and India (2) is still not been affected by COVID-19. 


There is a reduced container availability in the market. As DFE Pharma, we are confident we can maintain our high levels of supply security. Together with our parent company and distribution partners we have established long-term agreements with major shipping companies. Through these contracts we have priority to get containers to supply you. Unfortunately we notice that shipping companies will charge higher prices than contracted due to Force Majeure and limited availability of containers.
Additionally, DFE Pharma runs a global network of own warehouses, e.g. in The Netherlands, Germany, USA, India and Japan; and a broad global distributor network, with multiple warehouses from which you can be supplied with DFE Pharma products.
Next to container deliveries, DFE Pharma also has the possibility to supply you by different means of transport like bulk, truck/trailer, train and/or air deliveries.

Above measures will allow us to act flexible within our own supply chain to ensure your delivery. 

Overall I would like to assure you, that DFE Pharma is there to support you in the best way possible to safeguard your business continuity. We will keep you updated.

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