DFE Pharma expands its Nutraceuticals portfolio with 3 new starch-based excipients

Nutroféli starches

Goch, Germany (25th January 2022) – DFE Pharma, a global leader in pharma- and nutraceutical excipient solutions, expands its nutraceutical excipients offering with the launch of the Nutroféli starch portfolio, comprising of Nutroféli™ ST100 (native starch), Nutroféli™ ST200 (partially pregelatinized starch) and Nutroféli™ ST300 (fully gelatinized starch).

Nutroféli™ starches are versatile and naturally sourced, multifunctional excipients, suitable for nutraceutical applications. They can be used for various oral solid dosage (OSD) forms and conform to both food and pharma monographs. DFE Pharma’s Nutroféli™ starches portfolio complies to the clean-label requirements.

Nutraceutical products are increasingly gaining attention during the past few years – even more since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic , as consumers are becoming more and more aware about wellbeing, self-care and disease prevention. As published by the market research company GWI Zeitgeist,  the number of U.S. consumers taking vitamin supplements at least occasionally, has increased from 36% to 43% since Q1 2020.1 Furthermore, four in five (79%) U.S. adults take dietary supplements, an all-time high, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s 2021 Consumer Survey on dietary supplements (November 2021).2

With the launch of the Nutroféli™ starches portfolio, DFE Pharma aims to meet nutraceutical companies’ requirements for premium quality, multifunctional ingredients, while assuring on-time delivery and security of supply.

Bas van Driel, CEO of DFE Pharma, commented, “As a global leader in premium quality ingredient solutions, we support our customers with their formulations to develop and deliver user-friendly dosage designs that appeal to consumers. We understand through more than a century of customized innovation and high quality, multifunctional ingredient solutions, what formulations will best work for our customers. And beyond our wide portfolio for nutraceuticals, we also provide technical expertise and robust application support for global regulations, whatever the requirements are, always following our purpose of moving together to a healthier world”.

Nutroféli™ ST100

(Native maize starch)

Nutroféli™ ST200

(Partially pregelatinized starch)

Nutroféli™ ST300

(Fully gelatinized starch)

Nutroféli™ ST100 is a native maize starch which suits the needs of nutraceutical manufacturers who seek simple, natural ingredients in their formulations. Native starches are widely used as disintegrants, fillers and binders in nutraceutical oral solid dose forms manufacturing using wet granulation process.

Nutroféli™ ST200 is a partly pregelatinized maize starch that integrates multiple functionality benefits of a binder, disintegrant, and flow-aid in both direct compression and wet granulation process. This is an ideal excipient for nutraceutical manufacturers, who seek optimal excipient solutions with minimal ingredients and high efficiencies.

Nutroféli™ ST300 is a fully gelatinized maize starch that helps reducing process complexities and production costs in the development of nutraceutical formulation involving wet granulation. It helps eliminate the extra step of creating a starch paste, as it can be added directly to the granulation liquid or the dry blend.

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For further information about our Nutroféli™ Starches portfolio, related documents and sample requests, please visit the DFE Pharma Nutraceuticals web page.


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