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Offices and distrubutors

Lactohale® 210

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  • Fine lactose
  • Milled with irregular shaped particles
  • Ideal to optimise flow and performance of formulation

Fine Lactohale grade with d50 < 20 µm

Lactohale® 210 is a milled lactose with a tightly controlled mean particle size below 20 microns. Lactohale® 210 is one of the different fine Lactohale grades that allow our customers to improve the drug deposition or optimize the flow properties of their formulation.

Typical values


Tapped density 680 g/l
Bulk density 400 g/l

Particle size

D10 2 - 4 μm
D50 14 - 19 μm
D90 35 - 50 μm

Production site

Borculo, The Netherlands

Sample size

Default 500 g

If you require another sample size, please Contact Us.

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