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Offices and distrubutors



Offices and distrubutors

We work with your future  in mind

We Care

Our We Care story is about shaping the future together. This is reflected in our four We Care ambitions. Are you ready to join?

We understand our products and its usage

Every year, DFE Pharma organizes various technical seminars around the world, a perfect illustration of how ‘we understand our product and its usage’. Various people within DFE Pharma are involved in the organization of the technical seminars. For over 4 years Carol D’Souza was responsible for Marketing Communications for DFE Pharma in India. Continue reading...

We work with the customer in mind

Andreas Zimmermann-Sack, ICT coordinator at DFE Pharma, has a versatile job. From implementing new software to solving an issue with a laptop or mobile phone. What does ‘having the customer in mind’ mean in his line of work? Continue reading...

We feel at home stimulated and inspired

At DFE Pharma there are multiple sales offices worldwide. One of these offices is the DFE Pharma China office. At this office Technical Manager Eric Xie is working. We did perform an interview with Eric to learn more about how he is stimulated and inspired at DFE Pharma. Continue reading...

Quality is in our blood

Bringing ‘We Care’ and the ambition ‘Quality is in our blood’ to life demands a pro-active approach from all of us. An illustrative example of how pro-active behavior and care can have a great impact was found in the DFE Pharma Cuddalore, India, plant. Continue reading...