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Increase your efficiency

With the addition of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) to our portfolio we are taking ’the pursuit of excipient excellence’ further. Today, 60% of all tablets in the world contain Lactose, MCC or Superdisintegrants. These three key excipient categories are now available from one single supplier DFE Pharma, unlocking potential synergies for you.

With MCC in our portfolio we cover the world’s three main excipient categories. Our goal of developing and producing the best possible excipient solutions for you now also includes MCC. All our capabilities, quality standards and support services apply as much to MCC as to our other products. This offers you the opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency levels across your procurement, formulation and production processes.


Opportunity to simplify your procurement process

Adding MCC from DFE Pharma to your excipient list could simplify your procurement process, save time and reduce fixed costs. These potential efficiencies can be achieved by having three of the world’s key excipients: MCC, Lactose and Superdisintegrants delivered to you from one supplier, with a single point of contact for support.

While having the assurance that all of them are supplied to you with the same high quality standards, supply reliability and expert support service that you expect from DFE Pharma.


One support contact for your formulation and registration process

Dealing with DFE Pharma is about quality and reliability. It is also about expertise and responsiveness. We continuously strive to understand your challenges and ambitions and to support you with the right expertise.

With MCC in our portfolio you can now receive support for all of the three key excipient categories while dealing with only one supplier and one support contact. Save time in your formulation and registration process while having the assurance that all excipients are based on one uniform quality system and have the same high supply reliability.


Choose MCC from DFE Pharma

When you choose MCC from DFE Pharma you benefit from:

  • Deeper knowledge and responsive support for the world’s three key excipient categories.
  • Time saving in your formulation and registration process.
  • High level of reliability and efficiency in delivery and production.
  • Speed, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness for procurement and supply.
  • One uniform quality system for all our products.
  • 100 years of experience in worldwide excipient supply and support.